Prenatal Care – Labor and Delivery

Compassionate Care During Your Pregnancy.

The best way to ensure a normal, healthy delivery is to take good care of your body during pregnancy. And while it’s easy to want to be healthy, it’s another thing to know howBirth With Love offers midwife services that ensure you and your developing baby are healthy and strong by helping you learn how to manage any discomfort or pain.

We are happy to talk you through potential changes you may want to make regarding diet, exercise, and emotional health. Our doulas and midwives take a compassionate approach that empowers expectant mothers; employing prenatal care that encourages informed decision making in regard to your own health.

Guiding and Empowering Through Labor and Delivery.

The belief that face-to-face conversation is the best medium for learning guides our methods regarding complications that might occur before or during birth. And whether things go according to plan or otherwise, having someone to accompany and comfort you during pregnancy and childbirth makes the experience significantly more positive.

This special relationship can actually help decrease the time spent in labor and limit or completely eliminate the use of epidurals, analgesics, and cesarean section procedures.

We keep medicine and herbs on-hand for relaxation during labor.

As licensed midwives, we have emergency medicine and equipment to be used as necessary, including oxygen, resuscitation equipment, IV therapy supplies, anti-hemorrhagic medications, Vitamin K, and eye prophylaxis. We can also use a variety of herbal remedies to help:

  • Treat common prenatal discomforts
  • Nourish and strengthen the body in preparation for birth
  • Promote relaxation during labor
  • Provide strength and energy for birth
  • Assist with postpartum problems such as hemorrhage, shock, or retained placenta
  • Stretch the perineum with the use of warm herbal compresses just before birth.
  • Soothe aches and anxiety with aromatherapy

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