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Philosophy of Midwifery

Vision Statement

My goal is to provide a safe and healthy birth experience for a family that is well prepared.

Philosophy of Birthing Process

There are a lot of preconceived ideas, fears, and “old wives tales” surrounding pregnancy and birth. My philosophy is that God created the human body and the process of reproduction to work naturally. Birth needs to be treated as a joyous life experience instead of as a disease. My job as a midwife is to work with and help the expectant family to be as healthy as possible - physically, mentally and nutritionally - and to give them the freedom to experience birth in a safe manner that is most suitable for them.

Every family is unique, and therefore requires respect for their unique choices. I encourage them to read and make informed choices about their birth plan. God provides a number of maternal instincts for the birth, and as women, our bodies know what to do. It is important to listen to what our bodies are telling us, and work with the process, being confident in our inner strength.

Betty Griffith-Aime, LDM

Licensed Direct Entry Midwife
7745 Sunnyside Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 362-2791 office, (503) 559-2681 cell
email: [email protected]

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