Letters of Affirmation

Babies are just the beginning of a lifetime relationship… for the family and for me. I enjoy the whole birth process, and love hearing from people that I have worked with long after the event. I have been able to deliver within families – brothers, sisters, chilren and grandchildren.

Below are notes from families I have had the honor of working with. If you have any questions please contact me personally.


Right after meeting Betty we were very confident in our decision to use her as our midwife. She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her passion for her work is evident in how much she truly cares for each of her clients and becomes like a dear friend. She made the whole process seamless. I could not be more pleased in the way she addressed each health concern. I felt healthier during my pregnancy under her care than I did pre-pregnancy. My home birth also went so smoothly and was such an amazing experience, and it was all because of Betty, her team, and her skills. I cannot say enough good things about her and what a blessing she was to our family. She is a special lady and I feel so lucky to have had her as my midwife.


I’m excited to share my successful home-birth VBAC experience. I first met Betty years ago when she delivered my sister’s children. Having to deliver our first child via emergency c-section after 35 hours of labor (due to him being in the wrong position), I was very much desiring a VBAC with my second child. I was seeing a doctor and toured the local hospital during the first few months of pregnancy, but then we had to move to Salem when I was 22 weeks along. After meeting a few doctors in the area and still not feeling fully supported in my wishes for a VBAC birth my sister suggested I meet with Betty and see what her advice would be for me.

Betty was so easy to talk with, and eased my fears of a VBAC, also giving me the option of a home-birth with her. The next day I knew exactly what I wanted to do — have my birth with her there! My husband and I enjoyed every visit from Betty during the pregnancy. It was so comfortable and enjoyable having her come to the home, perform a check up on me, and have my 2-year old involved as well. I was having a pain I thought was just part of the pregnancy and was seeing a chiropractor for it. The chiropractic visits eased some of the pain but not all. I mentioned to Betty what I was feeling and she suggested a few easy simple exercises to do. My pain was instantly gone, 100%! Such an easy fix for me. I was so happy!

I went into labor at 40 weeks and 4 days. My total labor was around 8 hours and so smooth. Betty arrived and within the next hour our baby girl arrived! I got the VBAC I had so strongly desired, and can’t thank Betty enough for the strong support and confidence she gave me! Her two assistants worked so well with her during my labor and delivery it was so amazing to witness such unity and support. Thank you Betty for helping us bring our baby into this world with such an amazing experience!