Birth With Love Midwife Services provides complete family-centered, in-home maternity care.


Prenatal visits are scheduled monthly until seven months, then every two weeks for a month, and then weekly until the birth. I come to your home and usually spend from one to two hours with you. Lab work is done by choice. I also provide prenatal vitamins and herbs for those who would like them. We provide a custom formula for prenatal vitamins that we put together ourselves and is included with our service.  These vitamins provide a high concentration of nutrients for a  growing baby and healthy mom.  They contain herbs that provide lots of vitamins and minerals in a bioavailable form that is easy to digest.  they support the liver, and kidney which have to work harder in pregnancy and help prevent swelling.

During these visits we check:

  • blood pressure
  • weight
  • urine
  • baby’s heartbeat
  • baby’s position
  • uterine growth

We spend time talking about:

  • diet and exercise
  • changes in your body
  • questions families might have
  • plans for the birth
  • nursing and baby care

Siblings often have questions and like to be included, so sometimes we end up listening to everybody’s heartbeat and blood pressures.


When labor begins, I am contacted and spend as much time as needed assisting the mother, monitoring the labor and the baby, etc. I have a variety of techniques to help with labor, prevent tearing, and ensure a positive experience. I stay with the family for the first few hours postpartum, and make sure all is well before I leave. The baby receives a gentle newborn exam and is observed carefully for normal responses.


Follow-up visits occur as needed for six weeks postpartum. Both mother and baby are monitored, assistance with breast-feeding is provided, questions are answered, newborn screening is done and the birth certificate is filed with the state.


The fee for these services is $5,800. Please call us to find out how we can help you to properly file for insurance as not all insurances will cover at-home midwifery. We offer a 10% discount to clients who pay in full prior to their 36th week. We require a 10% deposit at the second visit or 16 weeks. The balance will be paid on a payment schedule to be agreed upon. The fee is due in full by 4 weeks postpartum unless a payment plan is negotiated.  These fees do not apply to OHP clients.

Note – OHP will cover home birth if you meet their requirements. Please contact me so that I can assist you through this process.

Betty Griffith-Aime, LDM
Licensed Direct Entry Midwife
7745 Sunnyside Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 362-2791 office, (503) 559-2681 cell
[email protected]