Add-On Services

Our Add-On Services

These services are an additional option (and cost) beyond our standard package. Please reach out to us to inquire more about these services.

Certified Childbirth Educators

Lori is our certified childbirth educator. She received training through Birthingway College of Midwifery where she was trained in natural, vaginal childbirth, well-woman gynecology, and mother-baby care. With an approach that facilitates a biodynamic birth, Birth With Love provides an optimal birth experience that encourages a process free of interference.  Their skills and knowledge are up to date with current standards and are continually evaluated so you will be properly prepared for your birthing experience. Childbirth education services are available by request and not part of our standard midwife service package.

Certified Doula Services

As women, giving birth should be one of our greatest accomplishments. It is our mission to make this cherished experience peaceful and safe for both the mother and child.

Birth With Love‘s methods prioritize the joyful and healthy birthing practices that eliminate the harshness involved in the transition from mother’s womb into the big, bright, noisy world.

Certified Placenta Encapsulation

Licensed midwife Lori Hedlund provides placenta encapsulation as an add-on service. The placenta is a temporary organ that helps transport nutrients and oxygen to and from babies during their time in the womb. The first few weeks following the birth of a child can be an especially stressful time for mothers, which is why more and more families are requesting placenta encapsulation services from certified doulas.

Eating the placenta is an ancient tradition, and due to its high levels of iron and protein, ingesting the placenta has many proven advantages for new mothers. Processing it into tiny capsules makes ingestion easier, and for some mothers, more appealing. This tradition has several physical and mental health benefits, including:

  • Decreased postpartum depression symptoms
  • Stress relief
  • Increased lactation
  • Slowing of postpartum bleeding
  • Quicker physical recovery

Lactation Consultants

Lori Hedlund, our Certified lactation consultant at Birth With Love provides lactation support that emphasizes face-to-face assistance that considerably reduces postpartum stress. Connecting mothers and infants with services outside conventional healthcare settings is increasingly important, particularly in cities where extended family members might live far away and aren’t available for immediate support. This service is available by request and is not part of our standard midwife service package.